MSP / VMS Solutions

Is An MSP Right For My Organization?

With EWM, there is no volume threshold requirement and we can create a customized contingent workforce program based on your company’s specific needs. Internal contingent workforce programs that lack any of these are likely to benefit from adopting an MSP like EWM Determining your need will depend on your organization’s goals and whether your current internal program can achieve those objectives on budget and on time. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

Contingent Workforce Management

Here are some other pivotal questions you should ask: Does our internal contingent workforce program adequately control costs and mitigate risks? Do we have a rigorous process in place for vetting and reviewing talent suppliers? How are we, or aren’t we, ensuring compliance with spend policies? Has our organization deployed a robust VMS to gain reporting capabilities and achieve spend visibility?

Internal contingent workforce programs that lack any of these are likely to benefit from adopting an MSP like EWM. EWM’s mission is to streamline contingent workforce management through technology, automation and dynamic interactions.

Turn-Key Solutions

We manage the life cycle of your global contingent workforce and serve as an intermediary between suppliers and clients. This ensures that our clients get top-quality talent at the most competitive market rates.

Full Visibility

Our clients achieve full visibility into non- employee workforce spend, risk, and management which helps you to make better decisions faster, with real-time interactive data visualization.


Non-compliance with co-employment regulations and worker classification can have significant legal and financial consequences. EWM provides oversight of supplier contracts, compliance, and performance.

Managed Service Provider Solutions Explained


With EWM’s MSP Solution, we take responsibility for the entire req to check process as an extension of your Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Procurement teams. Our MSP solution has no minimum spend and are customized based on our client’s specific needs. We will help you expand your contingent workforce, cut costs, and reduce risk. Watch this video to learn more!

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End to End Sourcing Process

Whether it’s sourcing talent, engaging workers, or managing a flexible workforce, EWM has got you covered.


The entire process of procuring talent is automated in one system of record. Streamlined employee sourcing, hiring and vendor management.


Our automated onboarding technology will help to create a standardize process where you can approve time, track, and manage your employees from anywhere.


EWM becomes an extension of the client's procurement and human resource department including managing its preferred staffing agencies and all aspects of the contingent worker hiring process.

What is MSP & VMS?

MSP (Managed Service Provider)

A MSP is an organization that manages the contingent worker hiring of a client company as an extension of human resources, talent acquisition, procurement and legal. An MSP will manage preferred staffing agencies and standardize and automate processes.

VMS (Vendor Management System)

A VMS is merely the software/website that the client company purchases or licenses to enable the MSP to run the contingent worker program by allowing all transactions to happen online. This involves distribution of temp requirements (reqs) to staffing agencies, collection of candidate submissions, interview scheduling and coordination, job offers, billing and timecards, etc.


Our Approach with Sub-Vendors

At EWM, we apply a high-touch approach in working with clients and sub vendor partners during the hiring and onboarding process to adhere to a consistent and universal process. EWM’s MSP Solutions will leverage our expertise to manage our clients entire contingent workforce with a single source. Clients will utilize our state of the art technology, tap into our vast supplier network, engage with us to streamline processes to secure the best rates, mitigate risks and rely on us to provide real time data.