How to Engage & Work With Your Contingent Labor

Contingent workers are now a significant part of the workforce at many companies. Some companies use them at certain times of the year as the need arises, while other businesses use them on a continual basis, often hiring them full time when openings occur.

Because temp workers have become more important, employers need to take steps to ensure that these employees have a positive experience at the company, so they will return or stay with the company full time.

The bottom line is that employers need to treat these workers as if they were regular employees, not as second-class citizens, as is the case at some places.

Here are other tips for keeping contingent workers happy.

1. Maintain their morale.

If you hire temp workers and then proceed to overload them with work, or neglect to give them the resources or training they need, you are going to have some frustrated and disgruntled people on your hands. They won’t be as productive as they could be. Keep temp morale high by preparing them and supporting them.

2. Train them

An employer may feel reluctant to thoroughly train a contingent worker, but this is a mistake. They need to go through an onboarding process just like a full-time worker, so they will have the knowledge needed to perform their jobs well, and be happy with their job.

3. Give them mentors

Again, an employer may feel this is not necessary for a temp worker. But this is a good practice because it will not only help contingent workers learn about the operations and culture of the workplace, enabling them to do their jobs better, but will also give regular employees an opportunity to gain supervisory experience.

4. Give them feedback

All workers, especially younger ones, are eager to know how they are doing, and what they can do to improve. This is true for temp workers as well. Giving them feedback will help to make their experience at the company a satisfying one, and increase the chances that they will return or even take a full-time position.

5. Show your appreciation

Recognize a job well done for temp workers as well as regular employees. You need to show your contingent workers that you appreciate their efforts through recognition and rewards of their work.

6. Form relationships

Before a temp worker leaves, get their background and contact information and encourage them to keep in touch. The employer should do the same, even if just to send a short email to the person occasionally keeping them up to date at what is happening at the company.

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