Employer of Record Services

Could Your Organization Benefit From Employer of Record Services?

EWM provides complete Employer of Record (EOR) services allowing your organization to utilize workers quickly and compliantly. We become the legal Employer of Record, but you maintain control over work performed, schedule, and location.

You source. We hire.™

You identify your ideal employee for your position, and as the legal Employer of Record, we take the responsibility of issuing payroll checks, submitting local, state and federal payroll taxes, and provide workers’ compensation insurance and general liability (E&O) coverage.

Administrative Relief

Our industry experts will help to reduce your administrative burden which will give you the ability to quickly and easily staff up or down. Our white glove service includes surveys, onboarding, dedicated account managers, and more.

Expand Your Reach

Throughout EWM's extensive network, you can expand your workforce nationally, in all 50 states, and abroad in order to source the best talent possible for your company.

Employee Benefits & Perks

EWM can provide your workforce all the benefits and perks, including competitive health insurance benefits including medical, vision, dental, 401k plus company match, bonuses, giveaways, and more.

Paperless Timecards & Onboarding

Our automated onboarding technology will help to create a quick, simple, and easy process that can be used across all devices.

Customized Billing

Our clients can take advantage of our customized billing feature and invoice consolidation, making it easier to get back to your core competencies.

Trial Hiring

Not sure an employee is the right fit for your organization? We don't require long term commitments which gives you the ability to hire at any time - and with NO hidden fees.

Employer of Record Services Explained


Do you spend more time onboarding candidates that don’t work out? Do you feel you don’t have enough time and attention to give to your core business because you are busy managing short term workers? EWM’s EOR Service allows you to try out a candidate before committing to them legally or financially. We take care of it all: payroll, onboarding, benefits, risk mitigation, compliance, and ongoing employee support.

Identify Your Candidate

Not sure an employee is the right fit for your organization? By leveraging our payrolling services, you can take your time to ensure a great fit for your work culture.

Onboarding & Time

Our automated onboarding technology will help to create a quick, simple, and easy process and you can approve, track, and manage your employees time from anywhere.

We Take the Responsibility

We’re the legal employer, so we shoulder all risk and ensure our solution provides an effective and compliant work arrangement for your workers.

Access Benefits

EWM can provide your workforce with competitive health insurance benefits including medical, vision, dental, 401k, and other ancillary benefits.

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Goodbye Borders.
Hello Global Team.


EWM leverages an extensive network of global partners to easily overcome borders, currencies, legal hurdles, and unique tax laws with one easy-to-use streamlined solution. With EWM, you can onboard international candidates quickly and easily.

No Entity? No Problem.

Hire who you want, wherever you want. Save time, skip the red tape.

No Risk. All Reward.

We help mitigate risk by ensuring that all workers are compliant with country regulations.

Provide Competitive Beneifts

We offer candidates benefits in line with country norms and regulations.

"I love the opportunities and support!"

I love the opportunities and support that EWM has given me. And not only for me but for all other people looking for work especially at this hard time right now. And I cant wait to learn more and grow more!